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Lens Rental

LensBoi is a rental service providing top of the range lenses for Canon and Nikon cameras at affordable, competitive rates.

Standard Lenses

Weddings & General

We stock a broad selection of standard lenses, suitable for general photography, including weddings and product imagery.

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Telephoto Lenses

Wildlife & Sports

A large selection of telephoto lenses, allowing you to get closer to the action. Ideal for safaris, wildlife trips and wedding photography...

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Wide-angle Lenses

Lanscape and Commercial

A large selection of wideangle photographic lenses, ideal for interiors, landscapes and weddings.

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Macro Lenses

Wildlife & Flowers

Get close-up with our selection of macro photographic lenses, a proven and popular choice for wildlife photographers.

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Fisheye Lenses

Skaters and Quirky

Add a unique perspective to your images with our range of fisheye lenses. Often the go-to lens choice for skater photography.

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